May 3, 2022

Twin Creeks Trail and a great detour to see Pink Slippers and the House of the Fairies

Pink Slippers and a Fairy House all in one trip! Try out Twin Creeks Trail, a 4.5 mile hike that is relatively simple even for younger hikers. Of course always use your best judgment when hiking. This area is well known for its bear sightings and plenty of poison ivy along the trail, so please be mindful of the wildlife and use caution when exploring.

Twin Creeks Trail and a great detour to see Pink Slippers and the House of the Fairies

Location: PF2Q+9G Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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Twin Creeks Trail is a very popular area for hiking, trail running, and walking, so you’ll likely see other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is especially beautiful to visit in the spring when the wildflowers are blooming.

Highlight of our trip: Finding this cool little Pleasing fungus beetle feasting on this fungus aka Chicken of the Woods. From what we’ve read online can actually be pretty dangerous to ingest, so I wouldn’t take that name too seriously. You can read all about this interesting fungus at wiki/Laetiporus.

You will find tons of plants and wildflowers all over the trail. Spring is the perfect time for taking photos of the many species of plants you will find here. The 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires greatly affected this area and many other trails on this side of the park. Please stay on the trails as much as possible, you will notice plenty of signs for “Revegetation Areas”, just be mindful where you step.

Star chickweed
Catesby trillium
Daisy Fleabane

Pink Lady Slippers were in full bloom when we walked Twin Creeks Trail, usually found in pine forests, where it can be seen in large colonies. Fairly rare to see in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Pink Lady Slipper is a species of flowering plant in the orchid family.

Pink Lady Slippers

“Cypripedium acaule is a species of flowering plant in the orchid family Orchidaceae. It is commonly referred to as the pink lady’s slipper or moccasin flower.” –Wiki

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You will notice a bunch of smaller trails that branch off the main trail towards Le Conte Creek. If you follow these trails all the way to Le Conte Creek you will not be disappointed! Bring your camera, I promise it’s worth it!

If you would like to take a detour while visiting the Twin Creeks Trail, you can head down the road to the parking lot behind the Twin Creeks Science and Education Center.

If you only want to visit the House of the Fairies, you can just park in the parking lot behind the Science Center.

You will notice a house at the fork in the road just over the little bridge. Follow the trail on your left side (facing the house) of the house, walking alongside the house towards the back. You will see a chain link fence, follow that fence line towards the wooded area. Once you get behind the fence (you will pass a greenhouse on your right side) you will see the trail that takes you to the House of the Fairies.

Little Bridge
Follow the sign
Chain-link Fence line
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House of the Fairies was once a springhouse in the 1930’s (give or take a few years). The area was once owned by the Voorheis family. After many years of the forest taking its land back over, the springhouse now looks like a mythical building just tucked away in the trees. Really a site to see for yourself, I think this is why they call it the House of the Fairies. 

House of the Fairies

We hope you get a chance to explore the Twin Creeks Area! If you really enjoy the water along the trails you may like to visit Porters Creek Trail or if you’d rather see a waterfall and are up for the challenge check out Cummins Falls

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