cummins falls
July 23, 2020
We are honored to receive the Summer 2020 Photography award for our photo of The Great Blue Heron at Cummins Falls.

​The Great Blue Heron is the largest and most familiar heron in Tennessee.   It is a year round resident and often mistakenly referred to as a “crane”.

The Great Blue Heron is widespread across North America in both saltwater and freshwater habitats from southern Alaska and central Canada southward to northern Central America and the Caribbean.

It spends the winter throughout most of its breeding range, with some individuals migrating to southern Central America and northern South America.


We are so excited about this award!

Honestly any photo at Cummins Falls is worth an award, the scenery is breath taking.

Thank you, ViewBug!!

Check out our latest hike to Cummins Falls here!

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