Nemo's Tunnel
November 16, 2020

Are you looking for your next #Jeep Adventure? Take a trip over to Wartburg, TN for a visit to Nemo’s Tunnel. Nemo Tunnel was constructed in 1876 and was active until 1963 when the rail lines were rerouted due to the production of taller railcars. The entrance can be found at 36.06704, -84.65241 just south of Catoosa Road near Nemo Bridge at the Emory River.

Google Maps will take you to the middle of Catoosa Road. If you use our Google Plus Code you will be routed to the dirt road that takes you directly to the tunnel itself.

Google Plus Location Code

GPS Location


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Check out some of our photos from our trip!

Be cautious when going through the tunnel, the tunnel is 2,200 ft long, 20 feet high and 15 feet across. Only one vehicle can pass through at a time.

The train tracks that run parallel to the tunnel are active train tracks, please use caution around that area.

Do you want to see the ride before you go? Check out our trip on YouTube!

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