Grotto Falls
May 31, 2022

Up close and personal with white tailed deer on our way to Grotto Falls.

Looking for a new adventure!?! Take a hike along Trillium Gap Trail towards Grotto Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains and you will NOT be disappointed. This trail is not only a short hike but it’s kid friendly and 100% worth it!

Location: Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Google Plus Code: MGJP+4M Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The parking area to Grotto Falls is a busy spot, since Trillium Gap Trail is kind of a center point for several other trails, if you have time head back towards Gatlinburg and stop by to see the House of the Fairies, it’s only a few miles back. You will see lots of people in this area. Always helpful if you have a smaller vehicle to park with or we take our Jeep so we can really enjoy the drive in. 

Once you find a parking space you will walk down to the trailhead, from the trailhead to the waterfall the hike is about 1.4 miles (uphill). Total 2.8 in and out. 

When hiking towards a waterfall you have a few things to keep in mind, water shoes are helpful! We always bring a pair of water shoes in our hiking bags so we can splash around at the end of the hike. Waterfalls also make great picnic areas (Don’t forget to clean up!! Never leave any trash in the park or along the trail).

Kids will love this hike, it is fairly easy, a little steep in some areas and as you get closer to the waterfall the path becomes a little more narrow. 

Most of the path was clear, only a few rocky/rooted areas. I would recommend wearing hiking shoes or boots until you get to the waterfall to avoid injuries on the rocks. 

You will discover so much on this trail! While walking along the trail we noticed a family of white-tailed deer coming across the path. It was the most amazing site! If you notice wildlife, stay back and observe, use zoom if you have too. Deer will scare easily when approached. Remember slow and steady to really have the chance to see the animals.

If you see bears on this trail, please be mindful of them and never approach them. Bears are dangerous and we see people always trying to get close. As with any hike, Nature is to be observed and not disturbed. 

You will also spot numerous insects along the trail, really a site to see. If you can go in the spring you will see Trillium flowers all over this trail along with many other wildflowers! By Summer most of them will die off to allow the beautiful green scenery. 

Trail Tip: Use caution on rocky areas , especially with kiddos! The rocks become slick and can be dangerous.

Summer is our favorite time to see the waterfalls, it’s nice to cool off after a hike. Use caution if you want to walk under the waterfall at Grotto Falls, the area is very slick and children need to be supervised.

grotto falls

Just something so magical about waterfalls, this one did not disappoint! 

This was the perfect day for Grotto Falls! We hope you get the chance to see Grotto Falls! Follow us on Social and tell us all about your trip!

Till next time,

Chad & Melissa

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