November 9, 2021

Bison of Tennessee at the Brown Farm

We literally stumbled upon this place…Not even joking. On a weekend trip out to Cosby TN to check out Imagination Mountain Camp-Resort, we noticed a field filled with Bison and a random parking lot right in front, we could see the cars coming and going so we thought, why not? Check out the Bison of Tennessee at the Brown Farm!

 Bison of Tennessee
Bison of Tennessee

This farm is located just outside of Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts Loop (Google Plus Code: QH65+24 Gatlinburg, Tennessee).

Worth 10 minutes of your time to go off the beaten path and check out the awesome Bison of Tennessee at the Brown Farm, especially in the Fall with the beautiful views. This is why we LOVE East TN so much! So much to see in this amazing state.

You can read all about these beautiful creatures on an information board at the parking area, that parking area is right next to the fence so no need to walk but just a couple feet. You can even stay in the vehicle and watch them graze.

One word of caution if you have little ones, they do have warning signs of an electric fence guarding the property and it looks like it would be really simple for a little one to accidently touch that. But like I said you can still see the Bison from the car!

In addition to the Bison you’ll find some other little guys hanging out on the farm! Amazing little stop we just wanted to share with anyone looking for an adventure, I know we always are!

Till next time!

Chad & Melissa

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